The Farm to Pick!

We're looking forward to a GREAT YEAR... come join us in July 2020!

West Wind Farm
928 Manitou Road

Green Acre Farm
3460 Latta Road

Blueberries  - at West Wind Farms
   mid July to late August
Varieties - Spartan, Patriot, Blue Ray, Blue Crop

Blackberries -  at West Wind Farms

Raspberries  -  at West Wind Farms
Summer Varieties -
  Red raspberries - early July
  Black raspberries - early to mid July
  Purple raspberries - mid to late July
Fall varieties -
   Red - late August to late October
   Yellow - mid September to late October

Stone Fruit  - Beginning August (ONLY Green Acre Farm)
   Apricots  - 5 varieties available
   Peaches  - 13 varieties (all freestone) Early to mid-September.
   Nectarines  - 8 varieties - early August to mid Sept.
   Plums  -  Shiro (yellow plum) late July
   Prunes - Stanley and Fellenburgh early September

Currants - Available Mid-July; We grow a small amount of red currants

Gooseberries  -  green and purple gooseberries.

Apples  -  Available September and October
   22 varieties available from late August to late October - call 234-0252 to see if your favorite apple is ready for picking! 

 For availability: Please Call 234-0252 for the most up to date information or visit our Facebook page for daily updates.